Facilities and equipment

A broad range of synthetic biology tools and technologies have been integrated into an automated Design/Build/Test/Learn pipeline. Computational Design tools are available for pathway and enzyme parts selection through to construct assembly workflows. Build instrumentation includes pipette and acoustic based high throughput liquid handling robotics for automated enzyme screening, pathway assembly, chassis engineering, and product extraction.

Design/Build/Test/Learn Pipeline SYNBIOCHEM platforms have been integrated into a pipeline to rapidly access new chemical space, generate chemical diversity and high-level production – more

High Throughput Automation The Centre has major robotics platforms for automated directed evolution and synthetic biology workflows – more

Mass Spectrometry analytics A range of MS platforms for sensitive targeted chemical detection and untargeted metabolomics are available – more

Equipment also provides automated colony picking, next generation sequencing and chromatography and mass spectrometry-based analysis. New fully integrated robotics platform for directed evolution and synthetic biology workflows.