Job/PhD Opportunities

NEW – WISB Research and Outreach Manager: The Warwick Integrative Synthetic Biology Centre (WISB) is looking for a Research & Outreach Manager. This post will suit a candidate with a background in research who wishes to develop a career in research programme management, learning and/or applying skills in financial oversight, grant proposal writing, research communication and outreach activities. The closing date for applications is 23rd April 2017.
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Independent Research Fellows: If you are an independent Research Fellow with your own funding or are currently applying for a research fellowship and would be interested in working with the Centre please contact Ros Le Feuvre (

PhD Studentships available for 2017:

New studentship to research the topic of Sustainability, synthetic biology and governance. Synthetic biology is anticipated to be a “greener” method of emulating natural and chemically-derived products, however the implications for sustainability have yet to be fully investigated. To do so, this research would focus on aspects of life-cycle analysis of synthetic biology processes and products and explore policy and other implications. This PhD position would suit students with training in environmental life cycle analysis, sustainablity analysis, chemistry, biochemistry, process engineering, industrial engineering and related areas with an interest in emerging technologies, sustainability and their governance. Interested students are invited to discuss their possible approach to the topic and their experience with Prof Philip Shapira, who can be contacted at

For full details of the BBSRC funded DTP Studentships highlighted below see: web link

  • Design and discovery of antimicrobials using systems and synthetic biology. (Takano, Breitling and Flitsch).
  • (CASE – Waters.) Mapping the role of cofactors in the conformation of proteins using spectroscopy coupled with ion mobility mass spectrometry. Barran & Jones.
  • Life in the fast lane: selection of bespoke high-growth rate yeast strains in different conditions of industrial relevance.Delneri, Winterburn & Schwartz.
  • Methionine synthases as targets for antifungal drug development. Denning, Bignall & Kell.
  • (CASE – C3 Biotechnologies Ltd) Metabolic engineering for gaseous biofuels production.Scrutton.
  • Catalytic landscapes of floppy enzymes: modelling with distance constraints from non-native amino acid probes.Hay, Green, Heyes & Scrutton.
  • Conformational Changes of P450 enzymes Studied by Electron Paramagnetic Resonance. Fielding & Munro.
  • Creating Artificial Metallo-Enzymes for C-H Activation Chemistry. Larrosa, Green & De Visser.
  • Development of novel biocatalysts for the synthesis of alkaloids via ‘imine’ and ‘iminium ion’ catalysis.Turner, Whitehead & Barran.
  • Engineering Novel Allosteric Transcription Factor Recognition: Applications in Bio-catalysis and Synthetic Biology. Dixon, Leys & Turner.
  • Hybrid bio-chemocatalysis for new synthetic transformations. Greaney, Micklefield & Webb.
  • Probing the chemistry of the prenylated flavin cofactor: Synthesis, reactive intermediates, and biocatalysis. Proctor, Leys & Rigby.
  • Re-designing nature’s catalysts: non-native amino acids as novel mechanistic probes of a light-activated enzyme.Scrutton, Green, Heyes & Hay.
  • Synthetic Biology Applications of Engineered Cytochrome P450 Enzymes.Munro, Leys & Waltho.
  • Synthetic biology approaches for the discovery and diversification of next generation antibiotics.Micklefield, Leys & Wong.
  • The Development of Analytical Tools to Understand Parasitic Infections.Flitsch, Grencis & Barran.
  • Understanding protein dynamics in phytochromes: redesigning important photoreceptors with non-native amino acids.Green, Scrutton, Heyes & Hay.
  • Development of new cell factories for manufacture of biopharmaceuticals.Dickson & Swanton.
  • Development and bioprocess monitoring of high activity multifunctional biometallic catalysts. Lloyd & Turner.
  • Workflow patterns for scientific collaborations. Goble – weblink
  • Investigations into a Semantic Web for Science. Goble – weblink
  • Fundamental and applied investigations into the potential of provenance metadata in the context of collaborative, open science. Goble – weblink
  • Mining the Meaning of Web Services. Goble – weblink

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Opportunities at other SBRCs: Applications open for BrisSynBio Post-Doctoral Research Assistant in RRI: BrisSynBio are seeking to appoint a Post Doctoral Research Fellow in Responsible Research and Innovation. This is a full-time, fixed term post for two years. The role holder will be responsible for carrying out social science/ethics research pertaining to the use of gene-editing techniques in agricultural crop breeding working closely with Professor Keith Edward’s team at the University of Bristol. The post is within the Responsible Research and Innovation Theme of BrisSynBio and will be supervised by Professor Julie Kent (UWE Bristol), Dr Darian Meacham (UWE Bristol / Maastricht University) and Professor Keith Edwards (University Bristol). For further details about the post and application process see: