Leadership is provided through the Co-directorship of the Centre.

Professor Nigel ScruttonProfessor Eriko TakanoProfessor Nick Turner

Director of Operations

Dr Rosalind Le Feuvre  Overall SYNBIOCHEM Centre management and coordination


Research program’s are strategically developed through a cabinet of collaborating academic experts to ensure exploitation of the fully integrated Design-Build-Test technology pipeline, underpinned by bespoke Data management. Responsible Research and Innovation is also core to SYNBIOCHEM activity.


Prof. Rainer Breitling  Metabolomic systems biology and postgenomic data analysis

Prof. Douglas Kell  Development and application of novel analytical methods at the interface between postgenomic biological systems, quantitative bioanalytical science and machine learning, with an emphasis on evolutionary computing and systems biology

Prof. Jean-Loup Faulon  Systems metabolic engineering and synthetic biology


Prof. Nigel Scrutton  Enzyme biophysics, structure and mechanism, quantum enzymology, enzyme engineering, biocatalysis, biofuels

Prof. Eriko Takano  Synthetic biology of bioactive molecules/antibiotics

Prof. Jason Micklefield  Chemical biology and synthetic biology


Prof. Roy Goodacre  Integrative ’omic analyses and vibrational spectroscopy for understanding biological systems

Prof. Perdita Barran  Biological Mass Spectrometry; Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry, protein structure and dynamics

Prof. Nicholas Turner  Discovery and directed evolution of tailored biocatalysts: applications in industrial biotechnology including fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals and biofuels

Prof. George Guo-Qiang Chen  Synthetic biology applications in industrial biotechnology


Prof. Carole Goble


Prof. Philip Shapira

SYNBIOCHEM Co Investigators:

A wider pool of academic researchers from across The University bring a wide range of expertise to the Centre. David Leys, Pedro Mendes, Neil Dixon, Sabine Flitsch, Andrew Munro, Sam Hay, Nicholas Lockyer, Daniela Delneri, Jon Lloyd, Peter Martin, James Winterburn, Sally Randles, Abdullah Gok, Andy Balmer and Adisa Asapagic.


Experimental Team


Dr Neil Swainston,  Modelling – Parts/Devices Level:  Enzyme and regulatory element design; pathway modelling for genome-scale modelling; process optimisation

Dr Pablo Carbonell  Modelling – Pathway Design and Systems:  Enzyme and regulatory element design; pathway modelling for genome-scale modelling; process optimisation


Dr Adrian Jervis Pathway Engineering

Dr Christopher Robinson Regulatory Toolkit and Chassis Engineering:  Responsibility for building regulatory control elements and chassis engineering

Dr Mark Dunstan High Throughput Robotic Platforms
Expertise to manage robotic and HTP screening for biocatalytic parts library, pathway library, and engineered chassis

Dr Andrew Currin Directed Evolution of Bio-Parts

Sandra Taylor Technical Support


Dr Cunyu Yan Targeted Analytics

Dr Katherine Holywood Untargeted Analytics: Untargeted metabolomics, whole cell analysis, fermentation and scale-up

Dr Maria Vinaixa Metabolomic Data Analysis

Reynard Spiess MS / Microfluidics: Instrumentation support

Rehana Sung  LC GC HPLC: Instrumentation support


Dr Donal FellowsDr Alan WilliamsDr Natalie Stanford Data repository set up (web-based LIMS), data and model management, standardization and data sharing


Dr Robert Meckin, Dr Barbara Ribeiro Collaborative development component of the RRI strand, real-time assessment and anticipation of research and innovation trajectories, deliberation and reflection