Integrated Design Build Test Pipeline

Find out more about the tools and techniques in our DESIGN, BUILD, TEST platforms.

These platforms are underpinned by a fully integrated DATA management platform and Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI).

SYNBIOCHEM has established  Design/Build/Test platforms, supported by integrated DATA sharing, to transform fine and speciality chemicals production by providing:

  • Speedy access to a wide range of chemical diversity
  • Rapid delivery of new chemical equity and established target outcomes
  • Predictability: ‘dial a molecule’ in the context of SynBio solutions for chemicals pro

The SYNBIOCHEM platforms have been fully integrated to: DESIGN novel enzymes/pathways/chassis for new chemical space and high-level production; BUILD multiple pathways in host chassis using automated rapid assembly to generate new chemical diversity that are TESTED/evaluated using advanced optimised ultra high-throughput (HTP) screening and analytical methods.

This pipeline integrates automated steps from the design of PARTS (optimised enzyme/target selection) through to high throughput (HTP) combinatorial pathway (DEVICES) assembly, and the assembly and analysis of strains (SYSTEMS) for chemicals production. Data acquisition, curation and analysis are supported by the Data platform at all levels. This year, the integrated SYNBIOCHEM pipeline was piloted in a series of core grand challenge projects for important chemical targets.

SYNBIOCHEM - Design Build Test Diagram