The TEST platform is responsible for tracking and assaying of the metabolites, proteins, enzymes, pathways, chassis and strains emanating from the BUILD platform by using a range of different functional targeted and untargeted HTP assays based on GC, LC-MS, IM-MS and direct injection MS methods. The results from the TEST platform will be fed back to the DESIGN/BUILD platforms to further extend both laboratory scale and scale-up/scale down processes at pilot scale.

MASS SPECTROMETRY – Comprehensive targeted and untargeted platforms

  • Waters Synapt G2-Si: A very versatile Q-Tof instrument that has a bespoke MALDI souce alongside DESI (can also be put on the TQ-S) and has the benefit of a TWIMS system ion mobility which provides noise background reducing 1433863731595spectra for tracking the specific SynBio reaction.
  • Waters TQ-S: A triple quad system with very high sensitivity and quantification levels, which provides high sensitivity and accurate quantification data for assaying target biosynthetic reactions. The system allows for tracking of multiple intermediates with wide dynamic range and higher sensitive pf-fg detection.
  • Thermo Q-Exactive: Untargeted LCMS workhorse with an accurate mass off 2ppm, 200,000 resolution and capable of targeted SRM, MRM and MSn data dependant set-ups. Combined with the Vanquish LC system it can run dual column switching to help cover HILIC and C18/C8 chromatographies and has the ability to work with 300ul vials or 96 well plates.
  • Agilent 6560 IMS-MS: Will be used for monitoring the target reactions by dropping the chemical noise background with drift tube separation capability. The coupling interface is compatible with both LC (ESI, APCI) and GC (APCI) systems. The system has 20,000 resolution.AB1-M-spectrometer
  • Agilent 7020 GC Q-ToF: Derivatized samples will be run for untargeted analysis with compounds matched to internal (SBC libraries) and external NIST (1M compounds)


Dr Cunyu Yan – Targeted Mass Spec (cunyu.yan@manchester.ac.uk)

Dr Katherine Hollywood – Untargeted Metabolomics (katherine.hollywood@manchester.ac.uk)

Dr Maria Vinaixa – Mass Spec data analysis (maria.vinaixa@manchester.ac.uk)

Design/Build/Test – Re-Design Pipeline