4-day MBA “More Business Acumen”

Building a Synthetic Biology-rich Biotech Business from Scratch

Join us in Manchester 19-23 November 2017

Invest in our 4-Day MBA and start your entrepreneurial journey in synthetic biology for industrial biotechnology.

The 4-Day MBA will develop the entrepreneurship of future biotechnology leaders that is so keenly demonstrated across the industry and is ideal for those wanting to start-up their own business or already in the early stages of their business. As part of the UK’s drive to grow industrial biotechnology this interactive course SynbiCITE and SYNBIOCHEM, will cover the main strategies required to establish, build and manage a synthetic biology-rich biotechnology company with  particular focus on set-up, funding and intellectual property (IP).

The course is aimed at budding entrepreneurs, from postgraduates to seasoned academics who want to gain a thorough understanding and start a business in the biotechnology sector.

Places are limited (30) and applicants will be selected on the basis of their application and demonstration of their potential to take their inspiration to innovation and beyond.

The course will take place at he Manchester Institute of Biotechnology at the University of Manchester.

Registration fee is £600 (inc. VAT)

To apply please complete the application form and send to Kirk Malone:

Application Form: 4DMBA application

Further Details: 4DMBA programme

For any enquiries please email Kirk