Experimental team

The SYNBIOCHEM Centre has benefited from an interdisciplinary team of dry computational and wet lab scientists together with researchers from humanities who have worked in close collaboration to develop the Centre’s pipeline and broad research portfolio.


Parts/Devices, Pathway Design and Systems modelling.

Dr Will Rowe

Past members: Dr’s Neil Swainston and Pablo Carbonell.


Dr Adrian Jervis Pathway Engineering

Dr Christopher Robinson Regulatory Toolkit and Chassis Engineering: 

Dr Mark Dunstan High Throughput Robotic Platforms

Dr Andrew Currin Directed Evolution of Bio-PartsAB1-pipetting

Sandra Taylor Technical Support


Dr Cunyu Yan Targeted Analytics

Dr Katherine Hollywood Untargeted Analytics

Reynard Spiess MS / Microfluidics: Instrumentation support

Rehana Sung  LC GC HPLC: Instrumentation support

Past members: Dr’s Maria Vinaixa and Nik Rattray Metabolomic Data Analysis


Alex Henderson. Data repository set up (web-based LIMS), data and model management, standardization and data sharing

Past members: Paul Mulherin, Dr Donal Fellows, Dr Alan Williams,  Dr Natalie Stanford


Claire Holland and Andrew Watkins

Associate Fellows: Dr’s Barbara Ribeiro and Rob Meckin