High Throughput Robotics

SYNBIOCHEM - High Throughput Robotics


SYNBIOCHEM has major robotics platforms for automated directed evolution and synthetic biology workflows.

Fully Integrated Robotics Platform

A fully integrated Thermo system has now been installed on the 1st floor of MIB comprising: acoustic and pipette based liquid handling robots; plate handling robotic delivery arm; barcode readers; plate sealers/de-sealers; microplate centrifuge; plate reader; automated thermal cyclers (PCR machines) and incubators. Fully automated protocols for: generation of DNA libraries; culturing, transformation, incubation and growth storage of bacterial colonies; strain transformations; high throughput screening assays and product extraction.

Hamilton Star

These robotic platforms allow full flexibility with several on deck configurations and integrated incubators, PCR machines and plate readers. Programmed SOPs allow diverse experimental functionality including: sterile media dispensing and barcoded sample management; cloning; colony picking, cell pellet resuspension and lysis steps; fully automated pathway assembly protocols (e.g. LCR); automated PCR, DNA clean-up and manipulations; target product/protein extraction and purification protocols; and a range of high-throughput assays (10*96) and analysis.

Tecan Freedom EVO 200

Tecan Freedom EVO 200 platform for generation of metabolite-sensitive aptamers through SELEX


ECHO650 acoustic liquid handling for high precision, non-contact, high speed, low volume (2.5nl) droplet transfer of diverse fluids from 384 and 1536-well microplates to destination plates or slides supporting a range of applications in drug discovery and basic research.


Dr Mark Dunstan – Mark.Dunstan@manchester.ac.uk