ESOF 2016

The SYNBIOCHEM Centre was involved in a number of activities throughout the EuroScience Open Forum which was held in Manchester in July. We joined forces with SYNENERGENE for a
science and reflection session on “Synthetic Biology and the new Bio-Industrial revolution”, ESOF Roswelcomed speakers from GSK, Synthace, BioBricks Foundation, SynBiCiTE and ThermoFisher in a panel discussion on “Synthetic Biology – the pathway to commercialisation” and hosted an Early Career Researcher event  in the MIB with participants from the Edinburgh, Nottingham and Bristol SynBio Research Centres and a short talk from Bento Bioworks on the pros and cons of creating a start up company. Perdita Barran also hosted a session “Mass Spectrometry for the masses” which included video clips provided from MS laboratories all around the world (

Additional ESOF activities included: MIB Open Lab events; a SYNBIOCHEM collaboration with the writer, performance poet, producer, and play-wright, Matt Panesh AKA “Monkey Poet” and Rainer Breitling, and outreach and engagement activities across the city.