Launch of an IB infra-structure strategy: European recognition for the IBISBA project

IBISBA: Industrial Biotechnology and Synthetic Biology Accelerator

SYNBIOCHEM is part of IBISBA 1.0, a H2020 funded infrastructure project that aims to create a pan-European network of research infrastructures that will support research in industrial biotechnology.

This project brings together R&D facilities from 9 EU member states (including the University of Manchester, SYNBIOCHEM and FAIRDOM data management) and access to first class infrastructure.

On 11th September the European Science Forum for Research Infra-structure will launch the 2018 European Infra-structure Roadmap which will include IBISBA. This ESFRI recognition of IBISBA opens up development that will allow IBISBA to create services that aim to accelerate the preindustrial R&D phases of bioprocess development, thus supporting industrial biotechnology and promoting its role as a key enabling technology of the bio-economy. Read more here:pr_IBISBA SYNBIOCHEM 2

A transnational access programme (Launching 17th September 2018) will provide a mechanism to access IBISBA training and equipment by the wider scientific community. Please see website for information.