The Centre for Synthetic Biology of Fine and Speciality Chemicals (SYNBIOCHEM) is a multidisciplinary research centre that operates in the space between disciplines with a fully open collaborative culture.

SYNBIOCHEM works in partnership with all four Faculties of The University of Manchester.

Whilst leadership is provided through the Co-Directorship of the Centre, research programs are developed through a cabinet of collaborating academic experts to ensure exploitation of the fully integrated Design-Build-Test technology pipeline.

SYNBIOCHEM - About - People - Leadership


Prof Nigel Scrutton, Prof Eriko Takano and Prof Nick Turner.


SYNBIOCHEM - About - People - SYNBIOCHEM Cabinet


DESIGN: Rainer Breitling, Jean-Loup Faulon, Doug Kell
BUILD: Nigel Scrutton, Jason Micklefield, Eriko Takano
TEST: Perdita Barran, Roy Goodacre, Nick Turner, George Chen
DATA: Carole Goble
RRI: Philip Shapira
Additional expertise: Stephen Pearson (CPI), Neil Hall (GeneMill)

SYNBIOCHEM Co Investigators

A wider pool of academic researchers from across The University bring a wide range of expertise to the Centre. David Leys, Pedro Mendes, Neil Dixon, Sabine Flitsch, Andrew Munro, Sam Hay, Nicholas Lockyer, Daniela Delneri, Jon Lloyd, Peter Martin, James Winterburn, Sally Randles, Abdullah Gok, Andy Balmer and Adisa Asapagic.

Director of Operations

Dr Rosalind Le Feuvre
Ros is responsible for day-to-day operations and developments in the DESIGN, BUILD, TEST, DATA and RRI platforms. For all enquiries about SYNBIOCHEM please contact Ros.

Technology Platform Experimental Team

DESIGN: Pablo Carbonell, Neil Swainston
BUILD: Andrew Currin, Mark Dunstan, Adrian Jervis, Christopher Robinson
TEST: Nik Rattray, Maria Vinaixa, Cunyu Yan
DATA: Alan Williams, Donal Fellows
RRI: Kate Bulpin, Yanchao Li

Centre Administrator: Chris Cowan
Communications Manager: Lesley-Ann Miller

SYNBIOCHEM - About - People - Scientific Advisory Board

Scientific Advisory Board

Prof Lionel Clarke – Chairman
Lionel is at the forefront of steering and developing SynBio for IB applications and has extensive knowledge and experience with applied biotechnology. Among other roles he is the Director of “Bio-Environmental Solutions” consulting on low-capex low-carbon energy and climate mitigation solutions, and co-Chairman of the UK Synthetic Biology Leadership Council (SBLC). Lionel is also a Honorary Chair in FLS, The Chairman of the External Advisory Board for our SYNBIOCHEM, a Visiting Professor in the Department of Bioengineering at Imperial College, London, and an EPSRC Engineering Strategic Advisory Team Member.

  • Prof Lixin Zhang, East China University of Science and Technology, Shanghai, China
  • Prof Martin Fussenegger, Biosystems Design & Engineering, ETH, Switzerland
  • Dr Katia Pauwels, Scientific Institution of Public Health, Belgium
  • Hilary Sutcliffe, Matter, UK
  • Dr Steven Pearson, Centre for Process Innovation, UK
  • Dr Murray Brown, GlaxoSmithKline, Stevenage, UK*
  • Dr David Gara, Agilent
  • Dr Reshma Shetty, GinkgoBioWorks
  • Dr Jason Vincent, Syngenta, UK*
  • Dr Axel Trefzer, LifeTech/ThermoFisher, UK*
  • Dr Tom Crabbe, UCB
  • Prof Nigel Minton, Nottingham SBRC
  • Prof Dek Woolfson, Bristol SBRC

*These members of the EAB are also industrial partners.